When No Is Not An Option

handmade pottery from our studio (floral paintings)

TRANSCRIPT OF TEXT OF VIDEO If you truly wish to succeed, then “no” is not an option.  You make a commitment to keep going until you reach your goal. When “no” is not an option, amazing outcomes can abound. Such was the case with our Ouzinkie pottery studio. One cold winter Sunday, I walked the … Read more

Alaskan Women Get It Done

Alaskan weaver with small basket and ceremonial vest

  TRANSCRIPT OF TEXT OF VIDEO Hello, this is Fran from build2winaffiliates.com, with another Alaska success story for you. Women in rural Alaska are often found to be a special breed. Strong and independent, courageous, capable; yes, and stubborn and tenacious, they also demonstrate many other excellent qualities. It is true — if you have … Read more

Overcoming My First Challenge

Wolverine on log

  TRANSCRIPT OF TEXT OF VIDEO. If you’d like to read along, the text is below. If you want to build a dream, you may have many obstacles to overcome. I had a dream and a determination to live on Spruce Island, so I readied myself to move forward. When my husband, Les, gave me … Read more

What Is The Price Of Procrastination?

Wooden Opheim dory, fishermen, and halibut

  Below is the transcript of the text of this video.  If you’d like to read along, please feel free to do so. Welcome, video watchers. This is Fran Kelso, with https://build2winaffiliates.com. Here is your second Alaska story, in which I will show how procrastination can actually become a motivator. In training courses for online affiliate … Read more